Gulf of Mexico Seagrass COP Meeting in Ocean Springs, MS

Starting today (Nov 1) through Thursday (Nov 3), the GoM Seagrass COP is meeting to discuss using the Tiered design (see Neckles et. al 2012, Estuaries & Coasts v35 (1): 23-46) for seagrass mapping and monitoring across the Gulf of Mexico. Workshop will cover what is currently being done, how best to integrate the 3 tiers, what are we lacking to standardize data collection across the region to address data gaps, and what comes next.
Will use this thread to report on key details and questions from the days. Add your thoughts and questions.
Together Everyone Achieves More! :wink:


Day 1 focused on the different mapping and monitoring programs across the Gulf of Mexico. Presentations were given by Ken Dunton on the Texas program, me (Dottie Byron) on the Alabama program, Paul Carlson and Victoria Cogdon on FWRI’s Florida Programs, including the SIMM program and the FHAP program.

We also heard from Ken Heck about the recent NAS report (link) which provides a “comprehensive approach to assess restoration activities [in the Gulf] beyond the project scale in the face of a changing environment” and Jud Kenworthy about some of the recent outreach/collaboration activities the GOM CoP has done with the Smithsonian’s groups (SeaGrassNet and C-Grass).

Day 2 we will be getting into more of the Tiered monitoring approach, discussing data gaps, specific methods (the commonalities and differences between programs), and how to integrate the Tiers.

Will keep updating this thread with questions that come up and processes identified during the workshop.