Recent summary papers on SAV monitoring and mapping?

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I’ve found these two review papers and am wondering if you know of other recent summary papers or reports?

Lønborg, Christian, Aris Thomasberger, Peter A. U. Stæhr, Anders Stockmarr, Sayantan Sengupta, Mikkel Lydholm Rasmussen, Lisbeth Tangaa Nielsen, Lars Boye Hansen, and Karen Timmermann. 2022. “Submerged Aquatic Vegetation: Overview of Monitoring Techniques Used for the Identification and Determination of Spatial Distribution in European Coastal Waters.” Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 18(4):892–908. doi: 10.1002/ieam.4552.

Hossain, M. S., J. S. Bujang, M. H. Zakaria, and M. Hashim. 2015. “The Application of Remote Sensing to Seagrass Ecosystems: An Overview and Future Research Prospects.” International Journal of Remote Sensing 36(1):61–113. doi: 10.1080/01431161.2014.990649.


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Hi Dave- I’m working on a technical report right now that compares the edge-detection capabilities across satellite, airplane, drone and sonar imagery; as compared to diver-measured edges. It’s due the end of this month so I’ll share shortly after that!


Very cool. I’ll look forward to seeing what you put together!

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