About the Mapping category

The Mapping category is a place for SAV mapping practitioners to talk. Here we focus on remote sensing methods, tools, data and best practices (Tier I*).

* Neckles et al 2012

Please use the Monitoring in the Field category for discussion related to field-based monitoring.

Some potential topics include:

  • Planning
    • What are the best methods for mapping seagrass in a turbid estuary?
  • Image acquisition (TAG)
    • How does a government or non profit entity acquire satellite imagery for seagrass mapping?
  • Image Processing
    • How can I reduce or remove sun speckle from my imagery?
    • Is it necessary to orthorectify my imagery?
  • Groundtruthing your imagery
    • How many points are needed to properly groundtruth imagery?
    • Using citizen science projects to groundtruth imagery- best practices.
    • What’s the best way to groundtruth your imagery to get the most/best information out of it- since you are going in the field what data can/should be taken to visit the most sites and answer the most questions.
    • What questions can be answered beyond presence/absence
  • Satellite Imagery
    • For many who will have to rely on satellite imagery, given its own limitations for now, what level of accuracy are individuals willing to accept?
  • Using drones to map SAV
    • What are the best drones to use
    • What can you expect in terms of how much area can be covered in one day
  • Automating the mapping process
    • Use of e-cognition software to generate polygons - best practices- emerging research
  • Literature
    • How can the CoP work together to curate grey literature and other resources on mapping methods.