CERF 2021: Citizen Science - Brooke Landry

Harnessing the power of citizen science and using new technology (e.g. phone apps) to support the effort.

Brooke’s talk is now available here: Chesapeake Bay SAV Watchers-Landry.pdf - Google Drive

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Individual option for citizen science. For those not involved in a official group.

This is really interesting as the bar to enter is pretty low. Are you primarily doing this for the more freshwater reaches and SAV that grows to the surface? And is there a dropdown menu for selecting the SAV present?

So glad this is shared here as I could not attend CERF - thank you for moving the discussion here! Water Reporter seems like a great entry-level tool for high clarity waters or places where SAV reach the surface, or are intertidal.

MassBays/MassDMF developed a phone app that is just a step more technical and offers a few scales of data collection, involving underwater camera work (at the very least) to get presence/absence, but room to also collect % cover, and additional fields for collecting shoot samples for leaf area index, wasting disease and epiphyte cover. It’s at www.iSeagrass.com.

Great to have tools that reach different levels of interest and effort.

Brooke’s talk on Citizen Science is available here: Chesapeake Bay SAV Watchers-Landry.pdf - Google Drive