How does a government or nonprofit entity acquire satellite imagery for seagrass mapping?

Does anyone have tips on where to start as a governement or nonprofit entity if we want to use satellite imagery for monitoring seagrass?

I realize this is an old post, but I’m on the hunt for satellite imagery, too. Some sources like LandSat are free and available on USGS Earth Explorer, though they may not be of high enough spatial resolution. Another great resource that catalogues both free and for profit images is I’m sure there are others - new high res private satellites are getting launched every day, it’s just a matter of us keeping up with their catalogues!

Don’t overlook the planet dove satellites ( The are higher resolution and provide some free access. We’ve accessed the Maxar satellites (Wordview and GeoEye) through the federal nextview contract. I’ll be summarizing our experience in my talk at CERF next week.

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What day and time is your talk, Dave?

November 3rd- in the Seagrass Ecology in the Past, Present, & Future - 10am - 2:30pm EST

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