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The SAV CoP is a place to collaborate and coordinate among a broad sweep of members with different organization affiliations and job responsibilities as well as a variety of experiences by sharing information and leveraging resources. Our goals are to facilitate information exchange and maximize collaboration potential by providing a mechanism for connecting experts and practitioners across the nation and internationally; promote, advance, and support seagrass mapping/monitoring efforts; and be interactive, collaborative, and available. Our objectives are to promote coordination by sharing information on current or planned data collection activities; foster application of appropriate mapping/monitoring technologies. This would include strengths, weaknesses, skill requirements, private sector vendors, and general costs or drivers of costs; optimize data quality by serving as a location for best practices manuals and documents related to mapping/monitoring; provide access to relevant grey literature, reports, and other documents outside the traditional journal publications; educate new professionals and inform decision-makers on best practices related to SAV mapping/monitoring; and provide input to managers, restoration officials, and other coastal resource managers on implementation and application of the outputs from monitoring, mapping, and data synthesis efforts.