Tech Talk: OBIA Discussion on 07/19/2023

Fellow SAV Friends,

From time to time, the SAV COP holds workshops on emerging topics. This July 19th at 1:30pm ET/10:30 PT we are trying something a little different and are hosting an informal gathering of like minded folk, like yourself, to talk and share information around a topic.

For this first go, we are focusing on Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA). We have lined up two people with experience in this field, Chris Anastasiou (Southwest Florida Water Management District) and Mischa Hey (NV5 Geospatial) to share their experiences and offer advice based on your program’s wants and needs. We know that there are more OBIA folks in our community and we hope that you will also join us to share your knowledge too, as well as those that are just getting into this type of work.

To facilitate a fun and productive gathering we ask that you pre-register here (

As part of the registration process there are 3 quick questions on where, how and why you are mapping/monitoring SAV. Please forward to anyone interested- fellow SAV colleagues , technicians, students, etc (and make sure they have also joined us on this Discourse Community!)

We hope to see you there!

Dottie, Dave and Mark

Here’s a rough agenda for this get together. We put together some topics/questions we thought would be useful but want to hear from everyone.
Post your questions in this thread.

Intro/Ice Breaker:

  • What’s everyone working on?
  • Where is everyone working?
  • How are you doing it?
  • Why are you doing it?

Topics and Questions:

  • What is OBIA (Chris - lightning talk on Tampa work)
  • What information does OBIA provide that traditional delineation methods don’t?
  • What information might be lost by using OBIA?
  • Does OBIA require more/different field information?
  • What are the implications of switching from visual delineation to OBIA from scientific and resource management perspectives?
  • Is there a good time or a bad time to change methods?
  • What if you were just starting out, what would you recommend?

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We’ve also created a google document to help us organize our thoughts and notes before, during, and after the tech talk. Please take a look and add your notes and questions. Here is a link:.OBIA for SAV Monitoring - Google Docs